Updated Coat Closet



Do you have one of those closets? You know what I’m talkin’ about. It’s the landing zone for discarded jackets, mismatched gloves, lost shoes, outdoor toys, umbrellas, old printer cartridges, broken laptops, a tangle of cords that plug to something from 2001…. you get the idea. Our hallway closet was so full that we used to pretend it was the entrance to Narnia!

Our family is more committed to our new food journey than we are to 2001 printer cables so we decided to chuck the whole closet and start fresh! I wish I had a “before” picture to share with you but honestly, I would be too horrified to post it. I’m going to try and be real on here about our journey but some things should just stay private (*grin).

These can rotators were the first thing that I purchased from Thrive Life and I couldn’t be happier with them! I’d been pining over them for years and knew they would be the first thing I bought when I finally took the plunge to start this food journey. Thankfully they were on sale so I got a great price on them.

The rotators on the top are the Cupboard size Cansolidators and the bottom ones are the Pantry size Cansolidators. These can rotators were easy to assemble and customize. You simply snap the side panels to the bottom grid bar in the desired can width and then snap on the top grid bar to stabilize it. You can also take them apart and reassemble them easily if you need to readjust the can widths at a later date. My favorite thing about the cansolidators is the way that I can easily tell in a glance if I am running low on something like spaghetti sauce. I also like the fact that my kids now love to stock the pantry after a grocery run so that’s one less thing I have to worry about. An added bonus is that I know we are always using the oldest cans first so I no longer have to worry about the cans in the back of the pantry expiring.

If you are now motivated to run out and get your own can rotators, be sure to order through a Thrive Life consultant! Consultants are able to get you a better price through unadvertised specials and consultant prices than what you can find on the main website. You can also shoot me an email and I will let you know when they hit a great price so you can gobble them up and turn your underutilized spaces into a fabulous new pantry!


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