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Ingredient Spotlight: Chopped Spinach

One of the things that stopped me from using freeze dried/dehydrated foods in the past was the fear of the unknown. I was too scared to open those intimidating looking #10 cans so they just sat there for years! I’m hoping to alleviate any similar fears some of you may have by giving you a peek into my pantry. Let me know if there are any other cans you would like to take a peek in and I’ll be happy to oblige.

One of my new favorite freeze dried ingredients is chopped spinach. For years I thought that I thoroughly detested disliked spinach but I recently realized that I only despised cooking with spinach. I would buy fresh spinach at the grocery store with every good intention of using it but homework, scout meetings, soccer, debilitating fatigue,  life would get in the way and my good intentions were left decomposing in the refrigerator. Then I tried using frozen spinach but hated the whole process of thawing and squeezing the water out of it. The finished product just did not look as appealing to me as the fresh spinach.

I was skeptical of the freeze dried spinach at first but am now a firm believer in the power of freeze dried kids are actually eating it without complaint! I just opened our third can today and have two more on order.

Unedited pic of the chopped spinach. What you see is what you get 🙂

There are several different ways you can use this product.
> Toss it as is into spaghetti sauces or eggs (just add a little extra liquid to the pan to refresh the spinach)

> Rehydrate it and use it in recipe that calls for spinach (like spinach artichoke dip)

> Rehydrate it and add it as a topping for your pizza

> Use it in make ahead jar meal mixes like the Sausage Skillet Lasagna or Make  Ahead Spaghetti Mix

Sausage Skillet Lasagna jar meal

I’ll add more details and pictures to this post as I figure out more ways to use the spinach but for now you can check out the spinach and other freeze dried veggies here. Happy Cooking!


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