October Specials Review

I’m going to try and do better about posting the specials earlier in the month. Here are my personal top choices for the October Specials.


#1. Peach slices– the monthly Q-pons are always the best deal around and the peaches are an immensely popular item. This is definitely a “stockpile” price.

#2. Green Peas– these are delicious straight out of the can! I never would have imagined snacking on freeze dried peas but they make a great crunchy sweet treat. We also like to toss these into a bowl with Thrive Life chopped onions, sweet corn, red peppers, and green peppers for a tasty veggie mix to add to our Kielbasa and rice meal.

#3. Potato Chunks– I have used these mostly in soups like the Sausage Zuppa Toscana Soup. I love being able to toss potatoes into a dish without the hassle of prepping and peeling them. Super easy and delicious!

What are your top picks for the month?


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