Scoop, Soak, Saute & Serve!

veggie mix

I am frequently asked how I use Thrive products so I thought I would share one way we use them so you can see how easy it is. In addition to our jar meals we use Thrive as a “toss & cook” dinner. Dinner is ready in 4 easy steps

Scoop: I have a shelf of “go to” veggies (corn, peas, onions, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, etc). I randomly scoop whatever we feel like having that night into a bowl.

Soak: I add water to the bowl (usually just enough to cover the veggies) and let it soak for about 5 minutes while I get everything else ready. Then I drain the excess water

Saute: Add a little bit of oil to a hot pan and saute the veggies for a few minutes (everything is already cooked so I’m just heating them up). I usually add some seasoning like Chef’s Choice.

Serve!: Serve it up as a delicious side dish or add rice & left over chicken/pork pieces for a full dinner. We’ll sometimes have something cooking in the crockpot.

There are so many variations on what you can cook with Thrive. You can have dinner on the table in 15-20 minutes & the best part is that you aren’t throwing away rotten vegetables all of the time!


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