Awesome Cooking kit for kids!

I have been trying to introduce cooking into our homeschool curriculum for years but I have always been hesitant because it is so much work! I’m exhausted just from the shopping, washing the veggies, chopping the veggies, thawing the meat, browning (or sauteing) the meat, and then (finally!) cooking everything. It takes hours with just me doing it and now I’m adding an inexperienced tween to the mix? No, thank you! Then Thrive Life introduced their new meal kits called Simple Plate and it’s like the heavens opened and my prayers were answered! I will admit that even though I love Thrive foods and use them a lot in my kitchen, I was absolutely skeptical of these new kits in the beginning. It did not seem like there would be enough food in these meal boxes for a kid’s tea party let alone enough to feed my family of five but I was wrong. These kits cook up a lot of food! I was very impressed.

So tonight my daughter and I had the rare opportunity to be the only ones home for dinner (seriously, this never happens!). We were both EXHAUSTED from our first CC Community Day of the new school year but I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity with my girl. I figured she would have a lot of fun cooking dinner and it seemed like the perfect night to test out the Simple Plate that I had purchased a few weeks ago. You guys! This was the easiest thing ever to cook!

The kit had been delivered to my door (with free shipping!) so that was one hassle down. All of the veggies were prewashed and prechopped so I didn’t have to stress for an hour in the kitchen watching my nine year old wield a sharp knife.

color coded, numbered pouches for an easy dinner that even a nine year old can cook
color coded, numbered pouches for an easy dinner that even a nine year old can cook

The recipe was easy to follow and all of the ingredients came in color coded, numbered pouches so my daughter could easily follow the directions on her own. We spent about 30 minutes together actually cooking! She was on cloud nine that she got to cook dinner by herself (with just a little stove/oven supervision from mom) and has already requested making another meal next Friday. This had to be the easiest cooking experience I have ever had with any of my children so we’re definitely signing up for the delivery service. I can’t wait to try out the other kits!



Additional/random info:

I took a ridiculous number of pictures since I didn’t need to do anything other than stand there.

My daughter decided that a special night deserved special table adornments (hence the candles and fake flowers, lol).

This Simple Plate is the two person Garden Veggie Lasagna but we didn’t even eat a third of it (even though it was so yummy I could eat the entire pan). It would definitely feed at least three people. The four person version should feed about 5-6 people.

You need to purchase a minimum of three meal kits for an initial order but can add more kits to the box once the minimum is met. There are eight different kits available right now but the company has promised more to be added each month (including Gluten Free and dairy free kits).

As of 8/25/2017 the base price on the meal kits are:
2 person kits (box of 3 meals) $49.99
4 person kits (box of 3 meals) $89.98


Simple Plate Garden Veggie Lasagna
Awesome meal kit for kids! My 9 year old loved cooking this one

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