Our Story

This blog is a labor of love that was grown out of desperation. In the fall of 2013 I was hospitalized with a serious case of CMV. I never fully recovered from that infection before I got another one, then another one, and another one. CMV, mono, stomach bugs, staph, shingles…. I could almost hear my doctors groan whenever I walked in the door.

I was not exactly in the best of shape before the unexpected CMV infection but I was still a pretty active mother of three. By the summer of 2015 I was homebound, unable to drive, and walking with the assistance of a cane.

My doctors were perplexed and unable to figure out what was wrong with me. The only thing that all of the specialists could agree on was that something was messing with my immune system, causing a low immune response and susceptibility to serious infections.

Each of the last three winters have become progressively more difficult as I battle near constant infections from November to May. Even though we still do not know what is causing all of my medical issues I feel that I can improve my chances of recovery by taking control of certain aspects of my life such as the food I eat.

This blog is mostly for me to track what we are doing so we can hopefully adjust our current course and set our family on a more healthy, nutritious one. I hope that it will also be able to help those with a similar desire to change. I will try to be as real as I can because sometimes I learn from my failures as much as I learn from my successes.

In the spirit of that full disclosure I feel like I should mention that in the course of typing this post about changing my family’s eating habits I have ordered a large supreme pizza and am currently scarfing down a piping hot piece of cheesy goodness. It is delicious!

… I have a long road ahead of me.

UPDATE! Summer 2017
After a year of visiting the ER every 3-4 months with excruciating pains, a fantastically, wonderful, amazing, Gastroenterologist decided to run more extensive tests on my gall bladder even though it had been repeatedly cleared by scans (I’ve never had gallstones or kidney stones so the ER docs kept clearing me to go home). Approximately one hour after I got home from my HIDA scan I received a call from his office stating that my gall bladder was functioning at ONE PERCENT! She was calling to let me know that she was sending over an immediate referral to the surgeon so I did not need to follow up with his office. I had my gall bladder removed within two weeks and I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!

UPDATE- Fall 2017
Apparently, I still have a rogue virus messing with my immune system but I still feel MUCH better without that dead gall bladder dragging me down. The surgeon is pretty confident that the infections killed my gall bladder. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on before any other organs get the knife.